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Here at KUDO VOICES we follow a set of guidelines that transcend from what we believe the audio/visual industry (but pretty much any industry) should revolve around. We are deeply passionate about creating products and services that truly respect our customers. We feel that it's become normal especially in niche industries, that the customer has to go through a lot of pain to obtain what they want.

With concepts we develop at KUDO STUDIO we are offering an easy, simple, 21st century proof, yet very dedicated solution to get things done.

KUDO VOICES is an example of this, read on to see what we strive for:


Quality to us is a given, everything that leaves our studio is of the highest quality. We revolve around industry standard gear that you and your listeners are used to. The techniques we use are modern, effective, and promote quality. Our voice actors are thoroughly auditioned on their tone of voice, reading quality, improvisation, and most importantly; coachability.


Transparency makes for trust, and yet too many voice-over companies are not disclosing their pricing. Some may even Google the customers name before doing business, just to check if they can charge a bit more. Here at KUDO VOICES we are striving to be as open as possible. Our voices have profile photo's and full names, nothing will prevent you from contacting our precious actors directly. We want you to come to us because of the quality and overal experience we created for you. We also have our prices public for all of our regular voice actors. You can read more about the prices on the Pricing Page. In fact you can already order a lot of voice actors online! Read more on Store.


Diversity is another aspect that is of great importance to us; we strive to find voices of all ages and backgrounds to ensure you will find the right voice for your project! A diverse range of voices means a diverse range of voice-over products we can deliver. Whether you are working on an infomercial about food, an IT company, or a medical product. Maybe you're making a trailer for a new iOS educational game, or you need a custom IVR (interactive voice memo) for your business. This means that we are here to help you, whether you are a senior ads producer, or a young videographer or broadcasting agency. We got you covered 🙂 Read more about Voice Overs! Oh and if you can't find what you're looking, we are here to help you out!

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is critical and has been on the back seat for too long! We are changing that with our new Store. It is not your normal webstore since voice-overs are customly created products where the customer has a lot of influence on the outcome of the product! To respect this, we have created the whole store up from the ground to create a streamlined and honestly kinda cool way to order voice overs. You can read more about the Store at Store Page. Since we build and maintain this website inhouse, we can guarrantee good service because we love to listen to you. We'd love to hear what you think about our service, we strive to be better everyday, so your feedback is very welcome! For feedback you can send us an email at info@kudo-voices.com or fill out this Google form.


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