Let Us Listen To You

Are you getting tired of people saying you have a beautiful voice, or do you feel really confident talking or doing impressions? You know what? Let us a listen to you! Since we are a voice-over company, we rely on the best voices in the industry and we know that there's some great voices looking at this page right now.

What Kind Of Voices Are We Looking For

Any kind of voice really, it doesn't matter if you are young, old, female, male, soft, loud, pitchy, somewhat monotone, or maybe even a little weird. We believe that there's an application for any kind of voice, we want to offer a wide variety of different voices for all of our clients to choose from. Having said that, there are however a few things we take into consideration during the audition:

Quality Of Voice:

This means the overall sound you emit from your throat. We check for originality, pronunciation, depth and tone of voice.

Reading Skills:

As a voice-over artist you are reading and interpreting a script that could be written by a high class copywriter, but very often it's been written by someone with little voice-over copywriting experience. Being able to read the script out loud and making it sound naturual is key, even if there's some difficult and sometimes faulty sentences in the script (not to scare you, but this happens fairly often). The trick is to interpret the text and to transform it to a character which suits your voice, sometimes even changing the actual text on the fly is required. The length of a voice-over depends on the purpose, for example an infomercial packs a lot more text than a commercial, so doing it right in the first couple of takes speeds up the flow dramatically. The engineer that records the session is always an expert voice-over coach, so there is help, but being able to interpret a script makes the process a lot easier and thus more fun!


This is probably the most important aspect of being a voice-over artist, at least in the beginning it is. Like any good musician needs to be a good listener, so does any good voice-over artist! Being able to hear what the coach is doing and being able to copy is fundamental to creating good, and expected results. And that doesn't just put smiles on the client's face but also on the listener.


Experience can shorten the audition, or sometimes even omit the adition as a whole. If you have experience and have a demo reel or links to your work, we can invite you for a demo recording session right away. What we've noticed is that singers, speech therapists, phone operators, or otherwise experienced with their voices have a higher chance of success, however this should not discourage you.

Yes, Sign Me Up

Awesome, we can't wait to hear your voice! Signing up is super easy, just send us an email at: info@kudo-voices.com with the subject: 'VO Audition'. We will get back to you as soon as possible and book an audition in our studio with you.

Note that this can sometimes take some time, double note we are located in Groningen so do take this into account.


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