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Hi, we are KUDO VOICES, we are a network of voice actors, engineers, and studios, with at it's core 3 guys who love music, audio, voice-overs, and turning ideas into real life. We feel the urge to create relevant and fresh new experiences that contribute to the audio/visual industries.

In January of 2014 KUDO STUDIO opened its doors, a modern audio recording studio run by 3 young restless enginering musicians. After working in the audio/visual industry for a short but productive year we noticed an increase in de demand for voice-overs. We loved doing the work and we received continuesly positive feedback, that's when we started to notice a lot of inefficiencies in the industry which led us to KUDO VOICES. But you may be wondering, what does the team look like?

Floris Jonker

Business relations, voice-over artist, co-founder KUDO STUDIO
Floris Jonker handles our clients with great care and passion, he ensures that they get exactly what they asked for. Working on promotion and future concepts he is able to turn passion into business.

Rowdy Potthof

Studio Engineer, Voice-over artist manager
Rowdy works on building a reliable and up-to-date database of the voice-over artists at KUDO as well as guiding artists to create solid voice-over tracks

Julius Jonker

Studio Enigeer, Composer
As a "Prins Claus Conservatorium" graduate Julius composes amazing music for your voice-overs.

Julien Vroling

Content Marketeer
At KUDO Julien focusses his time on the creation of content for social media, web and offline promotional activities. His passion for video and marketing

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