In general we are as open and transparent as possible, this is - of course - no different for the pricing.

Default Prices

We have deviced a standard metric that allows for easy and understandable pricing, called the UPPW. This stands for the Unweighted Price Per Word, this is a value that is assigned to a voice actor.

Here's how we work with the UPPW:

  • Artists can have different pricing, however:
  • The default UPPW for a voice actor is €1.00.
  • We start counting from 250 words, so a voice actor with a default UPPW will start from 250 words x €1 = €250.


A 300 words voice-over with a voice actor that has a UPPW of €1.00 costs €300, a voice-over of a 100 words costs €250 (this is because of the start up price of 250 x UPPW). Please reach out to us if you have trouble finding the pricing of a voice actor.

Premium Voices

These are the special ones and thus logically are higher priced. Some of them are online orderable and have public prices. The others don't have public prices since they work on a per-project basis with us. Call us for more info about that. Learn more about PREMIUM VOICES.


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