We recently launched the KUDO VOICES Store to offer an alternative to the old and traditional ways of communication (eg the large quantity of email required for getting a price estimate) to get a voice-over in production. We want to encourage comfort while increasing productivity, kind of a win-win.

How Does It Work?

The store works on a per Project basis; a Project can be one or more voice-overs depending on your needs. Some clients make commercials in multiple languages, and so there is a need to have multiple voice-overs in a project. For example, most radio commercials actually exist out of multiple commercials including tag-ons. This way you are able to construct a Project exactly to your liking.

But how does it work?

Create A Project:

Creating a project is easy, go to The Projects Page and click the "Plus" icon to create a new Project. A prompt will show asking you for the title of the Project. Made a typo, or desire a different title, don't worry! The title, like most things can be changed later on.

Project Options

A Project allows for some options. To get to these options, click the Menu button (these are the three stacked dots). This button will show, both on the Projects Page as well as on the opened Project page. Clicking this will show a menu depending on what Project State you are in. When a project is Initial (a project that is not yet ordered/paid), options to rename, duplicate, and delete will show. Once the Project has been ordered/paid, changing the project is no longer possible. However, duplicating the project is still possible. This can be handy when you have repeating projects for the same client with for example the same format. Also options to Download or View the Receipt will show.

Add A Voice-Over:

There are two ways of creating a Voice-Over.

  1. Voice actors that are "Orderable" have a "Book Now" button on their profile and on the Browse Page. By clicking this button you will be redirected to the Projects Page where a prompt will ask you to create a new Project or choose from an existing "Initial" Project. Once selected the Project, a "stepper" interface will show where you are asked about the language (or in some cases dialect), script, and additional notes. When you have filled this out, you can click "Add To Project".
  2. When you have created a Project from Projects Page and navigated to it by clicking on the Project's Title. You will be prompted with the same "stepper" interface only the Voice-Over Artist field is not filled out. Select a Voice-Over Artist from the list and the rest of the process is the same.

When a Voice-Over is already present in the Project, you can click the orange "Plus" icon to create a new voice-over to the Project.

Changing The Voice Over

The "stepper" interface is used to create a streamlined way to set up an initial Voice-Over. However, often times you want to be able to change things about the Voice-Over. By clicking the expand button on the Voice-Over and then the Menu button on the right of a Voice-Over (these are the three stacked dots) a menu with all sorts of options will show. From here you can change the Voice-Over actor, the language/dialect, the script, and notes. It also gives you the option to delete the Voice-Over, or to Duplicate it, this can be handy if you want to use the same actor, but in a different language, or script!

Ordering The Voice Over

Ordering the voice-over is easy, from the opened Project click the "Proceed To Order" button. By clicking this button you will be shown a screen where you can create a new account for new customers, or log in for returning customers. Once filled out, or logged in the button "Pay" will activate. By clicking this button, you will be redirected to our payment provider Mollie where you can use your favorite payment methods to pay for the Project. A list of the payment methods is shown below. Once paid you will be redirected back to the KUDO VOICES website where you will be shown the new status of the Project. We also send you an email to confirm your payment.

Downloading The Voice-Over

Once we have recorded the voice-over, we will upload it to the system. This in turn will send you an automated email notifying you of the new upload. By opening the Project and expanding the Voice-Over you will be shown one or more audio files, an uncompressed 24bit 48kHz .wav file, and a 192 bitrate .mp3 for quick previewing.

How long does it take?

We always try our best to deliver the voice-over as soon as possible. A voice-over ordered on the website will takes less than 7 business days to be delivered, however we are usually able to deliver it within 3 business days. Do you need the voice-over faster? Please reach out to us before hand by calling us or sending us an email.

Mollie Payment Methods

  1. Creditcard
  2. iDeal
  3. PayPal
  4. Bankcontact
  5. SOFORT Banking
  6. Bitcoin
  7. paysafecard

Who Has Made This Store

This store is fully made inhouse by the KUDO VOICES staff, Meet The Team. This gives a lot of benefits, the store is fine tuned just for your convenience to do these specific tasks of selecting a voice actor, adding scripts, purchasing, and receiving the voice-over directly from the store.

Questions / Feedback?

Please feel free to reach out to us for extra support, feedback on the website or other voice-over related questions.


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